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As 2022 marks an amazing 20 years of the South Beach Symposium (SBS), making sure we provide our attendees with the inspiring, educational experience they have come to know, love and expect from the SBS conference each year is a must.

Excitingly, this year marks a double celebration as we not only proudly recognize 20 years of LiVDerm’s SBS, but also 30 years of the Masters of Pediatric Dermatology Symposium (MOPD), an accomplishment which has earned the remarkable creators of SBS and MOPD their well-deserved reputation.

There is always so much going on, so we like to provide a recap of each day for BOTH those in attendance who couldn’t catch every moment, and for those who couldn’t make it!

So, let’s dive into what’s happening in Miami Beach as we take a look at the topics being covered, who’s who in faculty and what to expect over the next couple of days.

Day One

Things are heating up at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, where guests and faculty began arriving on Wednesday, August 10 for the benchmark anniversaries of the SBS and MOPD conferences. Day one’s kick-off on Thursday August 11 not only provided participants with an impressive dose of informative and relatable topics, but also served to demonstrate what’s in store for the coming days.

Seasoned SBS faculty members, Glynis R. Ablon, MD, Christopher G. Bunick, MD, PhD, Michael H. Gold, MD, David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, Leon H. Kircik, MD, and Z. Paul Lorenc, MD, FACS introduced the conference by providing an overview of the various dermatology advances over the past 20 years. This was well received by participants as it painted a clear picture of just how much has been accomplished in this ever-expanding field as well as presenting the scope of what lies ahead.

The afternoon saw a shift to the more aesthetic side of dermatology as our experts took participants through some of the controversies in this area, including choosing the right energy based device for body contouring.

CoolSculpting with Dr. Gold

Finally, ending the day’s instruction with a bang, Dr. Gold gave a candid and intriguing SNEAK PEAK into what will be a longer Friday session focusing on device demonstrations and newest technologies during the Device Demo Sneak Peak. Because Dr. Gold is an expert in specialized cosmetic procedures, he gave advice not only on how the provider audience can perfect their use of aesthetic devices, but also on how they can increase their practice’s revenue and client satisfaction by offering the right service to the right patient to ensure great outcomes.

Worldwide over 11 million CoolSculpting treatments have been performed, making it the #1 noninvasive aesthetic body treatment. During the Q&A session, attendees had the opportunity to ask Dr. Gold to go into more detail or clarify points from his presentation on new devices. One audience member stated that their practice still used the CoolAdvantage version of the CoolSculpting device and inquired as to whether or not the improved attachment design of the new CoolSculpting Elite reduced the chance of complications. Dr. Gold responded saying,

“Yes, I think the new applicator will reduce any nodules or inflammation of the fat cells because of the redesign. I would also highly suggest performing a thorough postprocedure massage to reduce the chances of adverse after-effects.” - Dr. Gold

Exosomes with Dr. Ablon

Glynis B. Albon, MD, then took the stage to talk about State of the Art Natural Exosomes.

Dr. Ablon went on to explain that exosomes contain all of the miRNA involved in skin and hair rejuvenation, and can be used post-treatment in place of PRPs, as well as for early scar and wound treatment. She showed several before and after photos of patients treated with Exovex, demonstrating it can reduce downtime and shorten the recovery process after procedures like microneedling and laser treatment.

Day Two

The second day of LiVDerm’s SBS kicked off with aesthetic procedures live-streamed from a procedure room onsite directly onto stage where some the most well-respected SBS faculty delivered didactic lectures as each device was simultaneously demonstrated on a patient. This juxtaposition of hearing the procedure described while actually seeing it performed is one of the ways SBS uses cutting-edge audio-visual capabilities to deliver our educational session. Some of the device demonstration highlights included:

Doris J. Day, MD, explained the precision and expertise needed to successfully deliver plasma pen procedure, while at the same time a provider demonstrated the technique on a live model in the procedure room.

In a crowd-pleasing moment, Jason J. Emer, MD, rolled up his sleeves in the live patient procedure room during the threading and injection demonstration while Dr. Gold discussed the procedure on stage.

Suneel T. Chilikuri, MD, was a star in the procedure room as he demonstrated his microneedling with radiofrequency expertise on a live model while Dr. Gold guided the audience in the general session through the live-streamed procedure.

Later, Dr. Goldberg  took the stage to talk about the use of energy-based devices for acne treatment. Regarding the mechanism of action in AviClear, he commented, “It’s pretty straightforward; it targets the sebaceous glands in an identical fashion to what happens when a client takes oral accutane, and the results of the study floored me. I never expected results from any device that could rival isotretinoin, but at three months post-treatment the results were almost identical to the oral agent. All with no downtime, no topical anesthetics, no discomfort, and it can be used on all skin types and all types acne.”

As the afternoon sessions picked back up on Friday, audience members were wowed by live demonstrations of noninvasive body contouring techniques and full-body injection rejuvenation in a session directed by Dr. Lorenc. Then, Dr. Emer was back on stage for more insights on the newest strategies and technologies in anti-aging and regenerative medicine concepts in aesthetic dermatology. The day closed with a star panel of experts moderated by Dr. Day, who discussed topics pertinent to practice management that cosmetic dermatologists in attendance can easily apply to increase revenue, patient satisfaction, and overall practice success.

More to Come

Saturday August 11 will feature yet another day of captivating learning with a line-up of pertinent topics including the recently approved JAK inhibitor treatment for alopecia with Brett A. King, MD, PhD. JAK inhibitors takes center stage again later in the day as experts lead participants through The Great Debate: JAK Inhibitors, Biologics, & Topicals: When Do I Use Them?

Plus, Saturday is also the day of the much-anticipated Hands-On Cadaver Workshop with Dr. Lorenc, Dr. Gold and Jason N. Pozner, MD. From past experience, we are all too aware that this comprehensive aesthetic anatomy course will be a hit with participants and we can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

Expect even more insightful material as SBS moves into Sunday with the latest and greatest in aesthetic updates and live patient facial injections presented by Dr. Day, Shasa Hu, MD, Flor A. Mayoral, MD and Susan H. Weinkle, MD

Don’t miss out on a single thing! Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from SBS as we head into the final two days of this incredible event!


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