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Michael H. Gold


Biography: Michael H. Gold



Nashville, Tennessee

Radiation Dermatitis and Latent Effects,Panel,Latest Developments in Lasers and Light Therapies for Acne,Patient Cases


Medical Director, Owner, Gold Skin Care Center, Tennessee Clinical Research Center

Dr. Michael H. Gold is the founder and medical director of Gold Skin Care Center, Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, The Laser & Rejuvenation Center, and Tennessee Clinical Research Center in Nashville, TN. He is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon and oversees the various facets of the center’s operations — a combination of medical and surgical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic services and research endeavors, which began in 1990.

Dr. Gold has earned worldwide recognition for providing patients with leading-edge technological advances in dermatology and aesthetic skin care. He plays an integral role in the development of new pharmaceutical products, injectable fillers and toxins, skin care, and medical devices through his clinical research. He presents results of his work regularly at national and international dermatology, plastic surgical, and cosmetic meetings.

Dr. Gold has authored over 300 published scientific articles, 35 textbook chapters, and has edited two textbooks on Photodynamic Therapy. He serves on most major dermatology journal boards and is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and the Editor-in-Chief of Dermatological Reviews. In addition, Dr. Gold helped establish the Tennessee Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (TSLMS), a group of health care providers interested in the distribution of information and proper training for those in the cosmetic arena. The TSLMS is the beneficiary of an annual meeting known as SCALE, or Symposium for Cosmetic Advances & Laser Education, co-hosted by Dr. Gold. It is one of the leading U.S. dermatologic and aesthetic meetings and is entering its 16th year of teaching and mentoring.

Dr. Gold also helped start two international groups: the Dermatologic Aesthetic Surgery International League (DASIL), which aims to create a global community for the open exchange of knowledge and innovation by physicians specializing in dermatologic and aesthetic surgery. It has become one of the most prominent and important international dermatology groups. It showcases meetings all over the world; and the 5-Continent-Congress (5CC), one of the world’s leading conferences on dermatologic and aesthetic surgery, where he is the current President of the Congress.


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