LiVDerm: Who We Are

You may have experienced some of our exciting live events or taken part in a few fun contests, but do you know what makes LiVDerm stand out?

Here’s a little about who we are and exactly what we offer our readers and followers.

LiVDerm provides comprehensive dermatologic education for providers, patients, students, and anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of the industry. Encompassing both the medical and aesthetic elements of dermatology, the team at LiVDerm aims to advance higher standards of dermatologic care through a variety of resources. This includes live events, webinars, industry news, digital hubs, CME-certified activities, and much more.

Led by world-renowned experts in the field of dermatology, LiVDerm has positioned itself as a leading source of information for all the latest therapies, procedures, and technologies in medical and aesthetic dermatology. Through this enhanced level of instruction, our readers can operate with more authority, knowing that they have attained the very best in dermatologic knowledge, as well as move confidently towards a successful career.

The comprehensive nature of LiVDerm’s platform means that it can cater to all levels of expertise, from medical students and residents to seasoned practitioners and specialists. We even offer several resources for patients via our website.

The popular South Beach Symposium (SBS) a successful annual meeting recently celebrating 20 years in the industry, resides under the umbrella of LiVDerm. SBS has grown to become the most impactful and informative meeting in medical and aesthetic dermatology. It has further distinguished itself as the dermatologic conference with the most well-respected faculty presenters and clinicians.

Through interactive live workshops, live patient demonstrations, and more, SBS provides an extremely focused experience for all who attend. It provides ample opportunities for all specialties, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and many more.

The annual Masters of Pediatric Dermatology Symposium (MOPD) is the second largest and longest-running pediatric dermatology meeting in the U.S. Like SBS, it too is incorporated within the LiVDerm portfolio.

The main aim of MOPD is to promote and advance education surrounding skin diseases and disorders in pediatric age groups and ultimately provide better, more personalized care for this specific patient population. This interactive annual conference provides attendees with the latest treatment approaches, protocols, procedures, and tools needed to support children and adolescents with dermatologic conditions.

Presented under the leadership of some of the most skilled and respected minds in the pediatric dermatology industry, the MOPD remains a pillar in the world of pediatric education.

Going forward, LiVDerm remains focused on providing professionals with innovative and integrated education across the dermatology spectrum. We aim always to keep our readers abreast of the latest and greatest advances in dermatology through our extended educational offerings as well as help shape our existing and future professionals.


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