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Our first ever CME Hands-On Cadaver Workshop: Full-Face Surgical Dissection and Injection Techniques for Non-Invasive Facial and Hand Rejuvenation sold out in just 30 days. And as we expected, attendees once again raced to secure their spot at this limited-capacity event at the 2022 South Beach Symposium in Miami Beach. They recognize this anatomy lab as an invaluable opportunity to develop fundamental skills and techniques, under the guidance of some of the most world-renowned experts in the aesthetic field.

Why attend?

Intimate nature

Spaces are limited to 40 participants due to the intimate nature of the workshop. We aim to ensure attendees are getting the most out of the workshop by affording them the opportunity to interact more closely with their instructors. Smaller classes allow for a much more personalized educational experience where one-on-one interaction is encouraged.

World-class faculty

The cadaver workshop is led by world-renowned, board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon, Z. Paul Lorenc, MD, who runs his own well-established private practice in Park Avenue, New York. Dr. Lorenc is recognized as a leading expert in the field of facial anatomy and considered a pioneer in the development of latest generation dermal fillers and neurotoxins. He is a regular contributor to various journals and publications as well as an established member of prominent medical boards and committees, not to mention a leading investigator in a number of clinical trials for FDA approval.

Both Jason N. Pozner, MD and Michael H. Gold, MD join Dr. Lorenc in this exclusive cadaver workshop. Dr. Pozner is a prominent plastic surgeon based in Florida and is well known for his invention of the ArcticPeel Skin Procedure. As co-founder and medical director of the Sanctuary Medical Center in Boca Raton, Dr. Pozner boasts a successful aesthetic medical career, certified by notable plastic surgery organizations such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Gold, a highly sought after dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon based in Nashville is the founder and medical director of the Gold Skin Care Center. He is a board certified dermatologist whose extensive clinical research has played an integral role in the development of injectable fillers and toxins. He is regularly invited to present at various medical and aesthetic dermatology conferences due to his advanced expertise and authority in the dermatologic field.

Specialized agenda 

The agenda for the cadaver workshop has been specially designed to incorporate new and cutting-edge technologies as well as making it appropriate and valuable to professionals of all levels and experience. Furthermore, the agenda has been structured in order to provide a suitable amount of time to each aspect of the course. Allocating a specific time frame to special instruction, demonstrations, guided dissection as well as a Q&A section, among other things, provides participants with ample opportunity to appreciate the various learning objectives while gaining the essential practice required.

Dr. Lorence states, “It’s a very comprehensive way of learning about the anatomy and really the functional anatomy…I think it’s critical that everybody’s knowledge of anatomy is at the same level…it’s an important aspect of keeping patients safe.”

Who Benefits?

The cadaver workshop is geared towards both experienced physicians and allied health care professionals; all who will find great benefit in attending. The medical field is forever changing and expanding as new techniques and technologies continue to be discovered and implemented. Many experienced providers who have not had any refresher training after medical school have seen the cadaver workshop as an opportunity to brush up on their techniques. Remaining up to date in the latest therapies and treatments means additional revenue for any practice. Add to this the fact that responsive patient care and treatment takes precedence for practitioners, it means that their medical training and education never stops and they aim to remain on the cusp of the latest trends and approaches.

In many cases, aesthetic practices employ non-physician allied staff such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants to carry out minimally invasive procedures such as fillers and toxins. Yet unfortunately, many of them have never had the opportunity to take part in cadaver laboratories due to the fact that an increased number of institutions now instead offer three-dimensional virtual anatomy training. For some, this may be perceived as a disadvantage because actually working with human specimens can be highly beneficial to an overall increased understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as preparing students for real-life situations.

What to Expect?

Our Hands-On Cadaver Workshop kicks off with an initial live demonstration, which is useful in providing participants with a more practical understanding of the musculature of the face, an aspect which is key, especially when it comes to minimally invasive procedures such as injectable fillers. Participants have the opportunity to perform injections of dermal fillers for facial and hand rejuvenation. Dr. Lorenc also covers the absorbable suture suspension procedure (or ‘non surgical face lift’), something which many clinicians do not have much experience with.

His teaching is aimed at ensuring participants are aware of the best practices with injecting fillers and toxins in order for them to get the best desired aesthetic results.

“Throughout the whole course, I always refer back to choosing the right filler, choosing the right toxin, based on each anatomical area – and to me that is probably the most important aspect of that course.” – Dr. Lorenc

During the workshop, Drs. Lorenc, Gold and Pozner also set aside time to discuss certain complications arising with injectable fillers and thread lifts. Furthermore, their dedicated question and answer session allows participants to raise any concerns or seek further clarification where needed.

What’s next?

For many participants the cadaver workshop is a brand new experience, yet it promises to be an informative and valuable one for everyone. We are positive all will walk away with a sense of achievement.


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