Hands-On Cadaver Workshop 2022: Advancing Anatomy Education

cadaver workshop

Our first ever CME Hands-On Cadaver Workshop: Full-Face Surgical Dissection and Injection Techniques for Non-Invasive Facial and Hand Rejuvenation sold out in just 30 days. And as we expected, attendees once again raced to secure their spot at this limited-capacity event at the 2022 South Beach Symposium in Miami Beach. They recognize this anatomy lab […]

The Growth of the Male Aesthetic Market

male aesthetic market

The global aesthetic medicine market is expected to reach USD 332.1 billion by the year 2030, indicating that this market is set to continue on its steady upward trajectory. While women represent the largest proportion of aesthetic medicine patients, recent reports demonstrate more and more men are opting for aesthetic procedures. According to the American […]

Patrick H. Bitter Jr., MD: Renowned Dermatologist and Pulsed Light Pioneer

pulsed light patrick bitter

Patrick H. Bitter, Jr., MD, is a world-renowned board-certified dermatologist with a remarkable professional dermatologic career. He completed his medical degree and dermatology residency at the Stanford University School of Medicine after graduating with highest honors in Biology at the University of California. He later founded Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology and has practices in both Los […]

The Facts and Myths of Moisturizing

A host of external and internal stressors such as age, pollution, nutrition and diet, and weather can have collectively detrimental effects on the skin’s hydration levels. The incidence of skin dryness, medically termed xerosis, increases during the colder, winter months: often exacerbated by other factors including age, psychological stress, and underlying chronic diseases such as […]

Anti-Aging Skin Benefits of Red Light Therapy

A therapeutic technique that utilizes low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin issues—including wrinkles, scars, and other conditions & persistent wounds—red light therapy (RLT) was originally used by scientists to help grow plants in space, as researchers initially found that intense light from red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) helped promote growth and photosynthesis of plant cells. […]