National PA Week: Q&A with LiVDerm’s Expert Physician Assistants 

In honor of National Physician Assistant (PA) Week, LiVDerm caught up with Jennifer Martinez, PA-C, and Gina McLean, PA-C, who form part of LiVDerm’s team of expert faculty. 

In a brief Q&A, Jennifer Martinez and Gina McLean provide their insights on being a PA, sharing what they love most about their roles and offering advice for anyone considering a career as a PA in dermatology. 

LiVDerm: As a PA, how does your role in dermatology differ from MDs, NPs, and other providers?

SkinLocal: Our founders, Jennifer Martinez, PA-C, and Gina McLean, PA-C, are both board-certified physician assistants who have been practicing in dermatology and cosmetic dermatology for the past fifteen years. They are industry leaders and innovators, always searching for the newest and greatest practices to incorporate into the practice. As lecturers and national trainers for some of the largest aesthetic companies, Jennifer and Gina are always the first to know about the newest FDA-approved treatments.

LiVDerm: What services do you provide, and which is your favorite or most requested?

SkinLocal: Our results are subtle and conservative, using only the safest and best products and treatments in the field. Our method’s basis is to have you attain a youthful appearance while still staying true to yourself and your naturally given features. All SkinLocal providers have been trained by Gina McLean, PA-C and Jennifer Martinez, PA-C with holistically approached protocols incorporating various treatments to help prevent, restore, and protect your skin and appearance. Our favorite treatment is what we like to call a liquid lift. Depending on the patient, we like to combine a PRP microneedling treatment to enhance and smooth the patient’s complexion, a wrinkle relaxer treatment, and HA fillers to restore volume to the face.

LiVDerm: Which techniques, devices, drugs, or procedures are you most excited about right now? What do you think will be the “Next Big Thing” in aesthetic or medical dermatology?

SkinLocal: Every day, huge milestones are accomplished in the aesthetics field, and we are so grateful to be a part of them. The must-have treatments to watch out for are definitely radio-frequency tightening treatments and collagen-producing anti-aging injectables. We love this combination of treatments because they both stimulate your collagen resulting in a lifted and youthful appearance.

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LiVDerm: Do you have advice for anyone considering a career as a PA in dermatology? What career paths are available, and what are the advantages of pursuing them?

SkinLocal: Our advice for anyone pursuing a career as a PA in dermatology is to hustle! There is always new information to learn, and there is always a mentor to learn from. Immerse yourself fully in the field and take advantage of conferences to network with colleagues. 

LiVDerm: Give us a glimpse into a typical day at work for you, and share anything else about your interests, family life, or hobbies that readers may like to know!

SkinLocal: A typical day begins at 5:30 a.m. for both Gina and Jennifer. They are on mom duty until it’s time for morning drop off at 8 a.m., to be in the clinic by 8:45 a.m. to begin their day of seeing patients. Monday through Friday, Gina and Jennifer usually average about 30 to 40 patients daily, performing a wide variety of procedures such as dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, resurfacing lasers, biostimulator injections, pigmentation lasers, and PRP treatments. Clinic hours wrap up at 5 p.m., and they are out the door to return to mom duties: soccer practice, SAT tutoring, and Jiu Jitsu practice, to name a few. As a business owner, you are never truly off the clock. You can find Gina and Jennifer multitasking daily in between patients, business meetings, and key opinion leader conferences. 

Despite their busy schedules, both Gina and Jennifer dedicate their time to promoting dermatologic education. Both are key speakers at LiVDerm’s South Beach Symposium (SBS), where they share their knowledge and expertise in the industry. 


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