FDA Clears Accure Laser System for Acne 

On Nov. 22, 2022, Accure Acne, Inc. announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had cleared their Accure Laser™ System for the treatment of mild-to-severe inflammatory acne vulgaris.

Said to be the next-generation light-based platform for the treatment of acne, the Accure Laser is the first 1726nm-based laser platform with both FDA and CE Mark clearances.

The Accure Laser System builds upon the unique selectivity of the 1726nm laser wavelength, adding proprietary technology to precisely control thermal gradient depth.  This is accomplished through its unique pulsing algorithm, integrated temperature monitoring, and automated laser control.

The lead clinician of the Accure Laser System’s clinical development program, Emil A. Tanghetti, MD, states there is sufficient evidence to suggest sebaceous gland damage at depths unique to the Acccure Laser System’s unique mechanism of action. He adds that despite the groundbreaking nature of the device, it is simple to use, which makes it accessible to all physicians.

According to Fernanda Sakamoto, M.D, PhD, lead author of the seminal research of 1726nm laser wavelength selectivity of sebaceous glands, “My experience is that this is significant. Acne is such a common disease, and many patients can fail treatment because of a lack of compliance or contraindications to conventional medicines.  Having a new tool that can be used by a dermatologist in a controlled environment may improve the lives for so many patients.”


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