LivDerm October Partner of the Month: Medical Marketing Whiz

20 Social Media Post Ideas for Medical & Aesthetic Practices By Lori Werner, Co-Founder, Medical Marketing Whiz With everything that goes into running a successful practice, it’s a wonder that medical professionals even have time to breathe. And with so much to do, it’s easy to put off things that you might see as secondary […]

Social Media Use Tied to Greater Acceptance of Plastic Surgery

The prevalence of social media and its deeply-rooted influence on changing societal norms has not only led to increased photo editing – to portray digitally enhanced representations of user’s appearance – but also to lower self-esteem among the population. Social media platforms are increasingly popular sources of inspiration; the growing presence of aesthetic medicine practitioners and […]

How to Improve Instagram Results and Optimize Social Media Presence

Instagram is one of the most essential social media tools to incorporate into a contemporary marketing practice and has become increasingly prevalent in the healthcare and medical industry. With over 600 million users – two-thirds of which access the platform daily – Instagram provides an unparalleled opportunity for healthcare practitioners to connect with patients directly, […]

Social Media Tips for Up-and-Coming Cosmetic Surgeons

 Despite the global adoption of social media as a tool for both personal and professional use, many medical specialties – including aesthetic medicine – and physicians still resist the trend, regarding social platforms as superfluous or unprofessional. Research suggests that social media can add great value as a communication tool able to connect patients with […]