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20 Social Media Post Ideas for Medical & Aesthetic Practices

By Lori Werner, Co-Founder, Medical Marketing Whiz

With everything that goes into running a successful practice, it’s a wonder that medical professionals even have time to breathe. And with so much to do, it’s easy to put off things that you might see as secondary to patient care, such as social media marketing. Although a practice is built on clinical expertise and effective management, a practice thrives with a smart marketing strategy, including investing time in social media marketing.

If you just don’t know where to begin, try these 20 social media post ideas to increase engagement and help you stand out from the competition. Implement one idea per day, and you’ll have a stronger, more attractive social media presence for your practice within a month!

  1. Post a Video: Record a video on your phone, less than two minutes long (hold the phone horizontally).  For example, show a treatment, give a wellness or skin care tip, invite to an upcoming event, announce a contest, or talk about a favorite treatment or product.
  2. Before / After Photos: Post before and after photos of your patients (be sure you have their consent) to show the results you provide.
  3. Selfies: Here is an easy way to increase engagement on your Facebook & Instagram – post a selfie photo at least once a week! Download this free social media selfie sign kit to create scroll stopping selfies that your audience will love.
  4. Post about what makes your practice unique: What is special about your practice?  Let your social media audience know the story behind your practice and what differentiates you from everyone else.
  5. Super Stars: Recognize an “Employee of the Month” with a photo and description of the employee. Your staff will feel recognized and appreciated!
  6. Birthdays & Anniversaries: Post a photo of each of your staff members on their birthday and work anniversaries.
  7. Photos With Your Equipment: Take a photo standing next to each of your pieces of equipment.  Your social media followers will learn about which treatments you offer and the investment you’ve made in your practice.  These photos out-perform the company provided photos hands down!
  8. Doctor Recommended: Post photos or videos of products or nutriceuticals that the doctor recommends for various conditions.  Think about supplements, vitamins, facial products, sunscreens, etc.
  9. Snap Happy: Original photos (YES! More photos) featuring behind-the-scenes shots of your staff, selfies that showcase the personal side of your practice, or images that invite engagement (such as an inspirational photo or funny meme).
  10. Ask Questions: Polls and surveys to boost interaction with your Facebook and Instagram audience.  As patients to choose among several options and post their answers in the comments. For example, “Which do you like better, A or B?”  Always include an image with your post so that it stands out in the newsfeed.
  11. Doctor Q&A: Post a question and answer for a frequently asked question.  Include a photo of the doctor, or better yet a video of the doctor answering the question!
  12. Special Deals: Post specials, free consultations, treatment bundles and/or seasonal pricing on cash-services and products.  Always remember that only 20% of your posts should be promotional (80% should be informative, motivating or personal).
  13. Testimonials: Post positive testimonials from Google or Facebook or video testimonials from patients. Many of the device companies also have testimonial videos that you can use on your own social media.
  14. Holiday party photos: Post team photos for holidays like Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  Patients love to see your staff enjoying their job and your team having fun together.
  15. Motivational Quotes: Post a weekly motivational quote, health quote and things that encourage your followers to be healthy.  These posts often get shared and can even go viral!
  16. Teachable Moments: Post a video of treatments/procedures that you perform.  Try an explainer video to demonstrate important procedures.  Interview a staff member or offer inside information about an upcoming event.
  17. Photos of Your Office: People want to see your amazing office!  Share photos of the outside of the office, a welcome photo, front desk photo, lobby and each treatment room.  Make them feel how inviting your office is!
  18. Be Yourself: Remember this is social media and your followers want to get to know you! So don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in your photos.
  19. Personal Touch: Post photos of the doctor or providers with their family or doing a hobby.
  20. Committed Education: Post photos of your doctor or staff being trained on a new piece of equipment, monthly staff training days, or even the doctor speaking at a community event.

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