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The South Beach Symposium (SBS) returns for another year of premier medical and aesthetic dermatology education in February 2023. For the past 21 years, SBS has provided professionals of all levels of expertise with the most cutting-edge, innovative education designed to enhance their skills and knowledge and promote their dermatologic careers.

And although SBS is only one in a vast sea of dermatology conferences, past attendees and faculty point to it as being one of the best. That is because SBS is more than just an incredible learning opportunity. It is a comprehensive experience involving numerous elements that work together to create the perfect balance of dermatology education.

In honor of 21 years of SBS, we take a look at what makes it a favorite in the world of dermatology and why many professionals return each year to take part.


Ultimate Blend of Medical and Aesthetic Dermatology

Instead of focusing on one aspect of dermatology, SBS combines all areas, making it one of the most comprehensive dermatologic meetings in the country. The SBS Planning Committee understands that dermatology is all-encompassing and that the two sides, medical and aesthetic, often overlap.

It is not enough to study just one aspect or a single angle. To benefit from a greater overall understanding of an issue and provide optimal care for patients, it is essential to understand how all the elements fit together.


“In reality, in today’s practice, whether you’re a dermatologist or an aesthetic plastic surgeon, you have to know both. You have to have knowledge.”Z. Paul Lorenc, MD



Michael H. Gold, MD, SBS 2023 co-chair, has been part of SBS since its inception 21 years ago and has watched it evolve over the years. Though Dr. Gold is known throughout the dermatology world as an aesthetic thought leader, he reveals that he is also very much involved in medical dermatology, treating patients with a wide range of skin conditions on a daily basis. Speaking about SBS, Dr. Gold states, “Combining medical and cosmetic is what it’s all about now. For many of my patients, even if they come in for a medical problem, there may be a cosmetic thing down the line, or vice versa.”



“Clinical and aesthetic dermatology overlap in many ways. It’s important to realize that you’re not just looking at separate entities. They really do overlap. So when you can get to a conference like South Beach Symposium, where you can learn about both sides of the coin and how they interact and how they affect everything you do in your practice, you will get a much more well-rounded basis for your practice.”Linda F. Stein Gold, MD


The Wide Range of Topics

In evaluating what makes SBS such an authority in its field, it is necessary to give credit to the extraordinary agenda. Each year, the SBS Planning Committee integrates the perfect ratio of medical and aesthetic dermatology education, ensuring professionals from all across the dermatologic realm benefit from attending.

The SBS agenda is an intricate combination of valuable industry-specific topics relevant to the medical and aesthetic aspects of dermatology. It incorporates the latest treatments and therapies, looks at what is up and coming, investigates challenges to treatment, evaluates the research, and much more.

But it’s not just a matter of ‘show and tell.’ SBS adopts a variety of learning methods. All the topics and sessions are presented to provide the most impactful and immersive experience. This includes lectures and presentations, engaging discussions with dedicated question-and-answer sessions, case study evaluations, and live demonstrations.

Moreover, the agenda delivers specialized topics that have garnered increasing attention and significance in recent times to equip practitioners with the most up-to-date and appropriate education. The Skin of Color Symposium and Sexual and Gender Diverse Dermatology Summits are two excellent examples of how SBS seeks to empower dermatologists with specialized knowledge and expertise.




Top-Level Faculty Line Up

The SBS faculty is made up of top-level experts from all walks of dermatology, boasting high-level aesthetic KOLs alongside pioneers in the therapeutic arena. This high degree of expertise positions SBS as a first-class provider, offering all attendees the opportunity to literally learn from the best.

Dr. Gold is joined by David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, for this year’s SBS. As co-chairs, these two long-standing faculty members bring their wealth of experience and expertise to SBS.


“Everyone that comes here to speak is at the forefront of aesthetics, at the forefront of medical dermatology, and they are really looking to share what they know and their knowledge. I pick up so many pointers every time I come.”Roberta S. Del Campo, MD


No matter the level of expertise or career stage, SBS is a platform for all practitioners to learn and expand their knowledge. The faculty who present are also there to learn from their colleagues and peers, so it is a learning opportunity for anyone and everyone who comes along.



“We all have a different approach. We are all using different technologies. We always get new and interesting ideas.”Alan J. Bauman, MD


Location, Location, Location

One of the highlights of SBS is South Beach itself. For many, it’s the chance to exchange their winter coats for some sun, sand, and sea. Miami Beach is known for its exciting nightlife, tourist attractions, and stunning scenery, which is why many attendees choose to bring along their families and make the most of the opportunity.

The Loews Miami Beach Hotel also offers several excellent amenities, from award-winning restaurants to a luxury spa and an expansive swimming pool, not to mention the beach at your feet.


Networking Opportunities

The highlight for many who attend SBS is the chance to interact with their peers, mentors, and colleagues. It’s not every day that the opportunity arises to meet key researchers and pioneers in some of the nation’s most innovative therapies and technologies.


“The faculty in particular that have been invited represent a really high level of expertise, from the plastic surgeons to the dermatologists that share their area of expertise…the quality of the presentations and the ease at which you can interact with them and ask questions.”Patrick H. Bitter, Jr., MD


The impressive display of exhibitors and vendors also makes it an opportune time to discover and learn about innovative technologies and therapies, making this a favorite for practice owners.


“It’s the interaction and exchange of ideas between different disciplines. I have learned a lot from my colleagues. I learn every year that I come to this conference.”Z. Paul Lorenc, MD


Attending SBS is a must for anyone who wants to learn the latest and greatest in medical and aesthetic dermatology, no matter where you are in your career, be it a seasoned professional or just starting on your journey.


“If you haven’t been to SBS, you’ve been missing out because this meeting never disappoints. There are always interesting elements, both on the medical and aesthetic side. Every step of the way, there is something in here for everybody.”Doris J. Day, MD


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