AviClear: The First FDA-Approved Energy Device for Acne

In March 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved AviClear as the first and only energy-based device approved to treat mild-to-severe acne.

Board-certified dermatologist and South Beach Symposium (SBS) faculty member David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, participated in the initial studies that led to the approval of AviClear.

Speaking to LiVDerm of this breakthrough, Dr. Goldberg states, “These results floored me. I never expected results from any device that could rival isotretinoin, but at three months after final treatment the results were very similar to the oral agent.”

Working to target acne at the source, AviClear reduces the amount of sebum production. According to Dr. Goldberg, over a mere series of three 30-minute treatments, acne was visibly cleared, and early data suggest that the results last as long as nine months post-treatment.

"Over 90% of people were [looking] better three months after the third treatment. We now have six-month results on that group, and all are even better at six months after the third treatment."

Due to the remarkable results it produces and how well-received it is by patients, it is seen as a major breakthrough for long-time acne sufferers and dermatologists alike.

AviClear is already becoming a staple of many dermatology practices, particularly because it:

  1. Is completely drug-free

  2. Has no harmful side effects

  3. Requires no downtime 

  4. Is tolerated well

  5. Treats acne at the source

  6. Produces long-lasting results 

  7. Is suitable for all skin types

Dermatologists are especially excited about AviClear due to the fact that there are no harmful side effects. Many of the topical and oral alternatives to treat acne have several harsh side effects. Accutane, for example, although working in much the same way as AviClear, targeting acne at the source, can produce some extremely unpleasant effects.

Dermatologist, Jeffrey Fromowitz, MD, explains that although AviClear functions similarly to Accutane, there are no risks of serious adverse effects such as night blindness, increased cholesterol, and dry eyes, lips, and skin. 

As with any procedure or medication, not everyone will enjoy the same benefits. Dr. Goldberg adds that “Much like we have seen with Accutane, there will be some people who will need further treatment, but without the same side effects.”

As far as acne treatment options go, AviClear is definitely among the safest, providing the most remarkable results. Dermatologists are now able to offer their acne patients a chemical-free, longer-lasting option for their acne problems.


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