Women’s History Month: Celebrating Dermatology’s Leading Females

leading females in dermatology

Although today the skincare industry is predominantly run by women, this has not always been the case. Similar to the large disparities once seen in medicine in general, the dermatologic field was also historically heavily dominated by men. But women have since come a long way in the dermatologic world, overcoming challenges, making their mark, […]

Women’s History Month: Empowering Women in Aesthetic Medicine

Female leadership remains significantly underrepresented in the aesthetic medicine industry despite continuous initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality. There is a pressing need for more strategic efforts, programs, and campaigns that empower women entering the healthcare space and encourage them to pursue careers in dermatology, plastic surgery, and other facets of medical aesthetics were female practitioners […]

Women’s History Month: The Underrepresentation of Women in Cosmetic Surgery

Although women comprise the majority of cosmetic surgery patients, there remains a stunning lack of gender diversity in the field with over 80% of practicing surgeons being male. In honor of Women’s History Month, LiVDerm is addressing the underrepresentation of women in the plastic surgery profession, the reasons behind it, and the initiatives necessary to […]

Growing Number of Women in Aesthetic Medicine

Within most industries in the United States, women hold just 25% of senior leadership positions. In the healthcare industry, the ratio is more proportionate with women holding 49% of top tier positions however, increasing numbers of female graduating medical students may lead to a change. There is a growing trend of increased female healthcare practitioners […]