Choosing the Right Telemedicine Provider for Your Dermatology Practice

In response to the prevailing COVID-19 outbreak, many individuals have shifted to a digital health care model, opting to attend routine appointments via telehealth platforms, while others are refusing to seek medical care altogether as a result of virus-spurred fears. At the same time, cosmetic and elective procedures have been postponed while some state orders […]

Aesthetic Telemedicine for Clinical Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction

The emergence of a digitized dermatological practice within the last decade has been both a solution to issues with the accessibility of care and an improvement of the patient-provider experience. The practice of telemedicine¬†can range from online consultations with patients to AI-assisted skin cancer detection algorithms; its primary focus is on delivering medical information and […]

Navigating the Liabilities of Teledermatology

Within the last decade, researchers have focused on teledermatology as a solution to accessibility issues associated with dermatology services as well as the overall improvement of the patient experience. Ranging from online consultations to AI-assisted surgery, telemedicine and teledermatology refer to any practices related to the use of electronic communication to convey medical information. Novel […]