Winter Skincare Guide: Top Tips from Expert Dermatologists

winter skincare

While the winter season may create a picturesque winter wonderland, it also brings with it chilly temperatures and harsh winds that can wreak havoc on our skin. The cold weather can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leaving it dry, flaky, and prone to irritation. That’s why helping your patients understand the importance of […]

Safe Skincare for Expecting Moms

Many women experience acne breakouts during their first trimester of pregnancy due to changing estrogen levels, even if they have no prior history of the skin disorder. Hormonal fluctuations often contribute to cutaneous changes, causing a host of symptoms from dry skin and irritation to melasma and inflammation. They may experience changes in existing moles, […]

Are Clean Beauty Products Really Safe?

The rising trend of clean beauty – or natural skin care – has shifted the focus from the effects of a cosmetic to its safety and toxicity instead. With increasingly conscious consumers, millennials and Gen Zs paving the way, the clean beauty movement is contributing to a boom in the clean beauty product industry, spurring the […]

What Habit Could Be Aging Your Skin the Most?

Changes in skin structure and appearance are inevitable throughout the aging process. Structural rearrangements such as changing fat distribution contribute to sinking features and loosened skin: both commonly associated with aging. Parts of the face additionally lose fat volume and begin to shift downward, while other parts—like the chin—gain fat and become baggy. Wrinkles, caused […]

Understanding the Clean Skincare Movement

In early September of this year, the global market watchdog company Technavio released an extensive research analysis: estimating that the global professional skincare market will leap by 7% between 2018-2022. One of the major trends leading the skincare industry forward includes a continuous increase in demand for clean skincare products and treatments. Several other industry experts […]