Can an Oral Supplement Affect Skin Health?

The connection between nutrition and skin health has been highly contested, however, increasing amounts of research point to the validity of the impact of diet on skin.  Consuming a healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, water, and antioxidants, may improve the appearance of skin, delay the aging process, mitigate acne breakouts, and ameliorate a variety of […]

Sugar Consumption and Skin Health

With the consumption of processed foods at an all-time high, many people are unaware of the amount of sugar they ingest daily, which often greatly exceeds nutritional guidelines. It is estimated that the average American consumes 270 calories of added sugar per day – the equivalent of 17 teaspoons of sugar. Consuming too much sugar has […]

Facts and Myths About Pores

The market is saturated with skin care products that promise the reduction of pore size and appearance, boasting claims about their ability to deep clean and minimize pores. Although not a medical concern, visible and large pores are a significant aesthetic consideration among a sizable and wide-ranging cohort of patients. While enlarged skin pores and their […]

Skin Health & The Gut

A growing amount of medical research has begun to examine the relationship between the GI tract and skin. Both organs serve essential immune and neuroendocrine functions and play critical roles in maintaining physiological homeostasis. Additional findings have demonstrated a bidirectional link between the gut and skin health, and while supplemental research is needed before the […]