Addressing Racial Disparities in Dermatologic Care

As recent events have evidenced, racial disparities permeate the healthcare system adversely affecting minority patient populations across specialties. Inequities can be detected in the practice of dermatology as well, where access to care and therapeutic options remain limited especially when compared to that available to White patients. In addition to these factors, there is a […]

Black History Month: Addressing the Historic Lack of African-American Patients in Psoriasis Trials

Although psoriasis affects people of all skin colors, current estimates reveal that most racial and ethnic marginalized populations are often lacking in psoriasis research clinical trials. While the skin condition affects approximately 4% of Caucasians, 2% of African Americans, 1.6% of Hispanics, and approximately 0.47% of Asians, an overwhelming majority of psoriasis patients taking part […]

LivDerm Deep Dive Program: Racial Disparities in Dermatology Care

Racial and ethnic disparities exist in all aspects of healthcare and can be detected in dermatology care, where options for patients of color remain limited when compared with those tailored to White patients. Patients of various racial or ethnic groups, such as those of Black, Asian, Hispanic or Latino descent, are often less likely to […]

Racial Differences in Time to Treatment for Melanoma Patients

The incidence of cutaneous melanoma continues to rise as an estimated 2.3% of Americans are diagnosed with the disease per year. Research has shown that the frequency of dermatology visits can reduce adverse events, mortality, and unnecessary hospitalizations for melanoma patients. Time of detection and time to treatment are essential factors in guaranteeing the best […]