Topical probiotics may restore skin microflora, decrease acne lesions

By Ingrid Torjesen / Dermatology Times Probiotics applied topically could promote a positive bacterial balance in the skin – similar to how oral probiotics increase diversity of flora in the gut – and may improve skin conditions, such as acne, say authors of a recent review published in Experimental Dermatology.1 RELATED: Leaky gut, leaky skin, or both? Few […]

Topical Probiotics for Facial Wrinkles

 Many uncontrollable factors such as environmental pollutants and biological aging contribute to skin wrinkle formation, radiance reduction, pigment changes, and other undesirable skin changes. While not all damaging elements such as excess sun exposure can be mitigated, there is an abundance of cosmetic solutions both available and under investigation for future use. Currently, topical and […]