Optimize Your Dermatology Practice With 5 Key Tasks

With the recent accelerated increase in demand for digital offerings, aesthetic medicine practice management has become increasingly complex as conducting business virtually can make ensuring optimal patient care and satisfaction challenging. Many factors contribute to the efficacy and efficiency of dermatologic care both in-person and online, however, a select few can be used to easily […]

Why Aesthetic Practitioners Are Moving Towards Subscription-Based Service Models

Many innovative practice management strategies can be employed with the aim of boosting revenue that also favor patient retention, loyalty, as well as expenditure. Certain methods can also improve patient compliance with regard to recommended treatment intervals for aesthetic procedures while also guaranteeing practices a steady stream of income. A growing number of aesthetic medicine […]

The Benefits of a Generational Dermatology Practice

In the face of rapid technological advancements, changing consumer demands, and projected clinician shortages, the business of aesthetic medicine is steadily undergoing a change. The rising usage of AI technology, machine learning, and teledermatology among patients reveals the trajectory of the dermatological practice; no longer dependent on in-person clinical visits and instead, increasingly reliant on […]

Three Important Ways Before and After Photos Increase Your ROI

Submitted by contributing author Cheryl Whitman, Beautiful Forever Consulting, SBS faculty member on the practice management symposium. “One of any aesthetic practice’s strongest sales tools is its gallery of before and after photographs. For maximum impact, these photos should be professionally made by someone who understands the camera technology, posing, and the ultimate use of the […]

Build A Dream Team

Improving Employee Retention and Morale Submitted by contributing author Cheryl Whitman, Beautiful Forever Consulting, SBS faculty member on the practice management symposium. A good team will make or break a business. When you hire the right people, and motivate and train them well, the machine functions smoothly. Your practice then becomes defined by its positive […]