Emerging Hyperhidrosis Treatment and Patient Outcomes 

Characterized by extreme, uncontrollable, and unpredictable sweating, hyperhidrosis greatly impacts patients’ quality of life and has many negative implications beyond physical concerns. It can greatly increase the risk of skin infections by up to 300% although, only 1 in 4 individuals are diagnosed and even fewer receive the care they need. At this time, there […]

LivDerm November Partner of the Month: International Hyperhidrosis Society

Widespread Medical Condition You May Overlook – But Shouldn’t From Physical to Mental Health, This Skin Condition Impacts 365 MILLION People Worldwide But Remains Underserved: November Awareness Month Works to Change That By: Angela Ballard, RN, International Hyperhidrosis Society There is a dermatologic condition that impacts nearly 5% of the general population and nearly 9% […]