Tephrosia Purpurea for Well-Aging

Increasingly, healthcare providers and patients are adopting a more holistic approach to the aging process – otherwise known as well-aging. In recent years, industry watchers have noted the maturing women are now more likely to embrace a lifestyle promoting not just their physical appearance but their wellbeing and health as well. Many personal care products […]

Can an Oral Supplement Affect Skin Health?

The connection between nutrition and skin health has been highly contested, however, increasing amounts of research point to the validity of the impact of diet on skin.  Consuming a healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, water, and antioxidants, may improve the appearance of skin, delay the aging process, mitigate acne breakouts, and ameliorate a variety of […]

National Healthy Skin Month: Mindful Habits for Healthy Skin

November marks the beginning of National Healthy Skin Month, an observance sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology as part of its public health program to raise awareness of skin health. Its efforts are focused on helping the public understand, prevent, and recognize skin conditions as well as to maintain healthy skin year-round. During National […]

Facts and Myths About Pores

The market is saturated with skin care products that promise the reduction of pore size and appearance, boasting claims about their ability to deep clean and minimize pores. Although not a medical concern, visible and large pores are a significant aesthetic consideration among a sizable and wide-ranging cohort of patients. While enlarged skin pores and their […]