Cutaneous Manifestations of COVID-19 in Pediatric Patients

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, dermatological symptoms of the disease were rarely reported until dermatologists became involved in the triage of patients thereby revealing a wide spectrum of cutaneous symptoms, such as urticaria, mottling, and purpura. These were initially reported in adult patients as children infected with COVID-19 tended to be asymptomatic or […]

The Dermatological Symptoms of COVID-19

As more clinical and anecdotal evidence comes to light, the list of potential COVID-19 symptoms continues to grow. Previously associated with fever, a persistent dry cough, and acute respiratory distress, the virus has now been linked to a host of other symptoms including dermatologic ones. While viruses are often associated with rashes and other cutaneous […]

Choosing the Right Telemedicine Provider for Your Dermatology Practice

In response to the prevailing COVID-19 outbreak, many individuals have shifted to a digital health care model, opting to attend routine appointments via telehealth platforms, while others are refusing to seek medical care altogether as a result of virus-spurred fears. At the same time, cosmetic and elective procedures have been postponed while some state orders […]

Implementing Teledermatology Into Your Clinical Practice

In recent weeks many medical practices have been forced to leverage new or existing telehealth programs, opting for digital rather than in-person care to adhere to social distancing guidelines. As a result, telemedicine is set to replace the majority of outpatient and routine medical visits for the foreseeable future across specialties, including dermatology. According to […]

Regulatory Telemedicine Updates 2020: COVID-19

To minimize virus exposure risk and protect patient safety, providers are urged to conduct visits via telemedicine programs whenever possible throughout the duration of the COVID-19 health crisis. Several regulatory changes introduced in recent weeks aim to ease the process of implementing and utilizing telehealth services, lessening restrictions to allow physicians to continue providing much-needed […]

Managing Eczema Patients During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak carries significant implications for populations across the globe, healthcare systems, as well as the practice of medicine itself. Its effects can be detected across specialties and within the domain of aesthetic medicine, with an increasing number of providers switching to telemedicine and postponing procedures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 […]

Biologic Therapy During COVID-19 

Shifting the model of healthcare around the world, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has significantly impacted the practice of medicine across all specialties, including dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The latest available knowledge suggests that certain demographics may face an increased risk of COVID-19 infection and serious illness, including elderly individuals, those with underlying medical conditions, […]