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The partnership between the Skin of Color Society (SOCS) and LiVDerm provided many enlightening sessions at the 2021 South Beach Symposium (SBS) and Masters of Pediatric Dermatology (MOPD). The experts from SOCS, many of whom are also LiVDerm faculty, presented outstanding educational content explicitly addressing the care of and issues surrounding skin of color (SOC) in dermatology.

Regarding the collaboration between SOCS and LiVDerm, SOCS president Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD, noted, “We are delighted to collaborate with LiVDerm to share the expertise and knowledge of SOCS experts through these educational programs and help deepen understanding of the medical, dermatological, and societal issues affecting patients of color.”

LiVDerm leadership agreed, commenting, “The LiVDerm team is excited and grateful to be partnering with the Skin of Color Society – a leader in inclusion, diversity, and awareness regarding skin of color dermatology. There are significant gaps in diagnosis, treatment, and management of dermatologic conditions in individuals with skin of color. This partnership will enhance LiVDerm’s current and future educational offerings that focus on racial disparities and diversity in dermatologic practices. We aim to raise awareness and educate clinicians to improve outcomes in patients with skin of color.”

Until we meet again in Miami Beach, August 11-14, for the 2022 meetings, you can experience highlights from the collaborative sessions at 2021’s SBS and MOPD:

Featuring SOCS leader Amy McMichael, MD, this program seeks to educate dermatologists on racial disparities and differences in treating dermatologic conditions in skin of color, so they are better equipped to diagnose and treat patients with SOC. Participants gain the knowledge needed to bridge the gap in training and clinical research from a panel of dermatology experts who specialize in treating SOC, as well as from patient cases and perspectives.

Originally presented at the October 2021 MOPD in National Harbor, Maryland, this summit addresses gaps in dermatologic care today concerning pediatric patients with SOC. Because pediatric patients with SOC can be disproportionately affected by numerous dermatologic conditions, this educational experience includes atopic dermatitis, acne, hidradenitis suppurativa, pigmentary disorders, vitiligo, hair and scalp disorders, scarring, and laser treatment therapies.

These symposia are designed to address these gaps in dermatologic care for SOC by reviewing skin conditions prevalent in – or those which disproportionately burden – patients with darker skin tones. Participants will gain the education needed to treat these conditions better and modify current practices to accommodate the needs of patients with darker pigmented skin.


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