Conference Injection Workshop

According to the 2017 American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics report, the use of soft tissue fillers has increased 312% since 2000. Dermal filler injection for facial augmentation is one of the most frequently utilized cosmetic procedures in the US, second only to injection of neuromodulators to relax dynamic lines and wrinkles in the brow and eye area. Dermal fillers are used to aesthetically enhance multiple areas of the face. Augmentation of the lips is particularly important as lip shape and fullness play a key role in facial aesthetics. Augmentation of the chin and jawline is also critical to both male and female patients; for example, a defined jawline in a male patient is often associated with strength and adequate chin projection in a female patient is associated with youth.

Dermal filler selection, as well as the skills to use it, is crucial for a subtle but optimal enhancement of the lips and jawline. There are two main fillers, hyaluronic acid (HA) and polyacrylamide (PA), which are widely available. HA is used most frequently due to the sheer number of reports worldwide confirming its safety and efficacy. There are many commercial preparations of these fillers, each with their own safety and efficacy profiles. In addition to choice of dermal filler material, a comprehensive understanding of both the anatomy of the perioral region and jawline as well as specific injection site techniques are foundational in performing effective facial augmentation. It is important that clinicians planning to perform injections for these facial areas are aware of the key anatomical features and appropriate techniques for optimal results.

Because of the increasing need for these minimally invasive procedures and due to current gaps in practical training, a live, hands-on workshop at SBS 2022 will give clinicians an opportunity to receive education about adequate injection techniques, as well as clinical insights from renowned leaders in the industry.

What to Expect

This course offers facial anatomy instruction and comprehensive training in dermal filler injection techniques for rejuvenation of the lip and jawline. The hands-on injection workshop allows participants to see and understand anatomic structures of the face through cadaver prosection and adopt dermal filler injection techniques under the formal instruction of expert faculty.

Cadaver prosection for facial anatomy review

Examination of injection hazards
Hands-on technique training
Q&A with industry experts
Networking break with leading exhibitors

Course Faculty

Course Director:
Glynis R. Ablon,

Glynis R. Ablon,

Dr. Ablon is the founder and director of Ablon Skin Institute Research Center, an independent clinic and research site specializing in cosmetic dermatology. She is associate clinical professor at the University of California Los Angles and active in clinical research, in addition to seeing patients in her clinical practice. Dr. Ablon is a frequent on-camera medical consultant for popular daytime television shows, and her expertise in the field of cosmetic dermatology and research is often cited in media and industry publications.
Susan Weinkle,

Susan Weinkle,

Dr. Weinkle is a fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery and a diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology. She serves as medical editor for Drugs in Dermatology and is on the editorial board of Practical Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology. She maintains a private clinical practice in Bradenton, Florida, where she performs Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer and also specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. As an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of South Florida, she shares her passion for dermatology with her students.

Learning Objectives

Recognize key anatomical features of the lips

Review appropriate injection techniques for lip augmentation

Apply knowledge of dermal fillers and injection techniques for hands-on patient injections

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Workshop Fee
Subtle Yet Effective: Lip and Jawline Enhancement Anatomy and Injection Workshop
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Attendees who are planning to inject must submit their state license and CV prior to attending the workshop.