Fall and Winter Sensitive Skin Irritants

Colder weather during the fall and winter can bring the onset of irritated, dry, and sensitized skin. Types of dermatitis, such as pruritus hiemalis, are seasonal and can be spurred by cold, dry air as well as irritated by other external factors. However, such cutaneous changes can be prevented and treated with appropriate dermatologic care […]

High Plasma Concentrations in Commercial Sunscreen Products

Routine use of sunscreen is widely promoted as a beneficial skin health practice for the prevention of sun damage, reduction of skin cancer risk, and minimization of premature aging symptoms. Although commercially available over-the-counter sunscreen products are widely used by the population, little is known about the systemic exposure associated with some of their active […]

Safe Skincare for Expecting Moms

Many women experience acne breakouts during their first trimester of pregnancy due to changing estrogen levels, even if they have no prior history of the skin disorder. Hormonal fluctuations often contribute to cutaneous changes, causing a host of symptoms from dry skin and irritation to melasma and inflammation. They may experience changes in existing moles, […]