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Shelena C. Lalji

Shelena C. Lalji



Dr. Shelena Lalji, more commonly known as Dr. Shel, is an expert in wellness, aesthetics, and a comprehensive approach to living one’s best life. She has been practicing women’s health for over two decades, and is considered to be on the leading edge of functional medicine, integrative care, and aesthetics. Dr. Shel helps her patients regain their respective healthy balance, so that they can look and feel their best.

As a Board-Certified Ob/Gyn, Dr. Shel masterfully restores hormonal balance, introduces patient-specific nutritional supplementation, creates a healthy gut, reduces stress, and reverses the signs of aging through her complete approach to inner and outer vitality. Dr. Shel is the author of “I Am Woman: Our Journeys to Health, Happiness, and Harmony,” and is a highly sought-after international speaker and trainer who focuses on educating physicians and other healthcare practitioners about treating the entire patient: not solely their symptoms or test results.

Dr. Shel’s passion has always been focused on women’s health, evident through her international speaking, writing, media appearances, and inspirational videos. She firmly believes that women deserve to achieve their goals for complete mind, body, and spirit balance in their lives. Dr. Shel is very involved in her community, and has served on several boards and volunteer positions. She is also a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children, ages 18 and 15. To learn more, visit her website at

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