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Erika Schwartz, MD

Erika Schwartz, MD


Erika Schwartz, MD is the founder of Evolved Science, a world renowned medical practice based in New York City, built on the recognition that bio-identical hormones are the foundation for better health. Once hormones are balanced, the practice focuses on optimization and longevity through disease prevention, patient advocacy and coordination of care.

Dr. Erika is a pioneer in the use of bio-identical hormones for preventing illness and recognizing their direct link to overall wellness and their interconnection with diet, sleep and stress management.

Her focus on treating patients as a whole person began more than 30 years ago with her understanding that bio-identical hormone replacement is the safest, most effective path to increased health span and to achieve the highest quality of life.

Dr. Erika has authored eight best-selling books as well as numerous articles in publications such as: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, Vogue, Town and Country and the New York Post. She appears frequently on TV shows, international podcasts and in social media. She is a distinguished faculty member of A4M, the world’s preeminent longevity and functional medicine organization where she hosts the popular Redefining Medicine podcast.

Dr. Erika continues to spread her message worldwide with the goal of changing healthcare to benefit the patient and eliminate fear from the health care system, Dr. Erika sees patients from all over the world and believes that when given the correct information, patients can take charge and improve their own healthcare outcomes.

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