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Amy S. Paller, MD

Chicago, Illinois

Amy S. Paller, MD



As a pediatric dermatologist and clinical researcher at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Dr. Paller specializes in genetic and immune-mediated inflammatory cutaneous diseases in children. She serves as director of pediatric dermatology clinical research at Feinberg and has led more than 100 clinical trials. Her most recent translational research has: defined the immunophenotypes in early atopic dermatitis in children, paving the way for targeted therapy; discovered the immune dysregulation that may lead to inflamed skin in the ichthyoses, leading to a novel clinical trial with repurposed medication; correlated the clinical, transcriptional, and lipidomic characteristics of the epidermal barrier in skin disease; and discovered evidence for an important role for ganglioside GM3 as an intermediate in the insulin resistance in diabetic skin and also in development of diabetic neuropathy.

Education and Training

  • Fellowship, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, 1984
  • Residency, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, 1983
  • Internship, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, 1979
  • Medical Degree, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1978

Professional Highlights

  • Tanioku Kihei Memorial Award, Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology, 2020
  • Honorary Member, Society for Investigative Dermatology, 2020
  • Elected Member, Association of American Physicians, 2020
  • Notable Women in Health Care, Crain, 2019
  • Named one of "100 Catalysts in 150 years of women at Northwestern," Northwestern University, 2019
  • Pillsbury Lectureship, University of Pennsylvania, 2019
  • Keynote speaker, Korean Atopic Dermatitis Association, Seoul, 2018
  • 100th Anniversary Keynote speaker, Swiss Society of Dermatology and Venereology, Lausanne, 2018
  • Appointed Member, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Advisory Committee on Research on Women’s Health, NIH, 2018
  • Pat and Robert Fine Lectureship, Emory University Department of Dermatology, 2018


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