Why Dentists Should Consider Adding Facial Aesthetics to Their Services?

Dentists are trained in the art of creating beautiful smiles. This intense training incorporates a broad understanding of facial features and musculature, meaning that dentists are uniquely positioned to integrate facial aesthetics into their services.

Treatments such as facial injectables and dermal fillers may seem like quite a logical addition to a dental practice. In fact, many aesthetic dentists are now branching out, having seen the benefits of adding these particular services to their portfolios.

facial aesthetics

So, why should dentists consider this career expansion?

Here are the five top reasons…

As already mentioned, dentistry involves a thorough understanding of facial structure, and these specialists already have extensive knowledge of this. This makes them prime candidates for further training in facial aesthetics.

Some degree of injectables is already in use in aesthetic dentistry. Botulinum toxin, for example, has been used in the treatment of “gummy smile,” as has masseter Botox to relax jaw muscles and ease pressure on the teeth. It, therefore, makes sense to increase the possible uses of these injectables.

Following on from the above point, the use of facial fillers and injectables may actually support and improve aesthetic dentistry procedures. Depending on the treatment, some patients may benefit from skin rejuvenation or plumping. Being fully trained in both facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry would allow a dentist to offer combined treatment.

Dentists not only have an existing client base for their new services, but by offering combined treatment options, they are able to retain and expand their existing customer base.

By offering more services and increasing the number of patients, this further increases potential revenue.

The great news is it’s never been easier to take your aesthetic dentistry practice to the next level with LiVDerm’s Hands-On Cadaver Workshop. Our last one was a huge success, and we will be bringing it back in 2024.

Z. Paul Lorenc, MD, alongside other key LiVDerm faculty, will once again be providing comprehensive training in facial musculature, anatomy, and ligaments. Participants will gain an understanding of facial fillers and injection techniques and how to best choose and deliver these, keeping in mind various associated factors.

It’s an opportunity to not just absorb this information but also to put it into practice under the direct guidance of leading experts.

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