Medical Meets Aesthetic: Deeper Than the Surface of Skin

For over 20 years, South Beach Symposium (SBS) has served as a cornerstone in medical and aesthetic dermatologic education. Attracting medical professionals from across the nation, SBS provides comprehensive training and an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

As we return for another exciting SBS event, we also welcome back a number of familiar faces, many of whom have had a front-row seat to seeing this once-local event grow to the national level it has reached today.

Michael H. Gold, MD, and David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, are two familiar faces, having been part of this incredible event for many years. And this year, we have the pleasure of once again welcoming both Dr. Gold and Dr. Goldberg to SBS, this time as co-chairs of our highly anticipated live event. Not only are they experts in the dermatologic industry, but they are also seasoned SBS faculty, positioning them as prime candidates to lead this remarkable event.

“I think people know us as cosmetic dermatologists, but we are dermatologists. We bring to the equation that we are able to discuss every aspect of dermatology.”

– Dr. Gold

“There often is a difference between how we are perceived on the lecture circuit and what we deal with in our everyday lives…In real life, we cover every aspect of dermatology.”

– Dr. Goldberg

We recently sat down with Dr. Gold and Dr. Goldberg to gain a better understanding of their roles in the dermatologic world as well as the upcoming SBS.

Most know Dr. Gold and Dr. Goldberg as experts in cosmetic dermatology. What many do not know is that both are also highly regarded medical dermatologists with thriving dermatology practices that offer medical and cosmetic treatments.

Furthermore, both have large clinical research centers where they carry out many FDA clinical trials on both the medical and cosmetic side.

Similar to Dr. Gold and Dr. Goldberg, SBS provides the perfect combination of both aspects of dermatology. More than an aesthetic focus, it is deeper than the surface of skin.

“We cover every aspect of what is important today. On the medical side, we cover all the diseases…and on the cosmetic side, we bring the latest techniques and treatments that are out there to the audience to be able to take back to their patients. There is so much to learn.” – Dr. Gold

Spanning an exciting four days, SBS covers a wide range of aesthetic topics, including:

  • Hot Topics in Aesthetics
  • Energy-Based Devices (led by Dr. Gold)
  • Live Patient Injections
  • Aesthetic Updates 2023

Attendees also benefit from an extensive array of medical dermatology sessions, such as:

  • Cutaneous Oncology Symposium (led by Dr. Goldberg)
  • Game Changers in Alopecia Areata
  •  Therapeutic Hotline
  • Atopic Dermatitis Workshop

In a meeting where medical meets aesthetic, it is essential to provide a well-balanced combination of both aspects of dermatology, something which SBS has already achieved to a high standard.

You can also tune in to hear the full podcast here.


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