Revolutionizing Dermatology Education

LiVDerm is a leading medical education hub dedicated to revolutionizing dermatology education. Through our mission to boldly advance higher standards of dermatology care, LiVDerm has emerged as a leading educational source for the latest therapies, technologies, procedures, and practice guidelines in medical and aesthetic medicine.

With a multi-pronged focus on the myriad specialties within the dermatology field, LiVDerm provides practicing clinicians with innovative and integrated education across the dermatology spectrum.

Topic - Aesthetics
Topic - Anti-Aging Medicine
Anti-Aging Medicine
Topic - Cosmeceuticals
Topic - Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Topic - Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
Topic - Hair
Topic - Hyperhydrosis
Topic - Lasers
Topic - Molluscum
Topic - Pediatric Dermatology
Pediatric Dermatology
Topic - Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Topic - Rare Diseases
Rare Diseases
Topic - Resident Education
Resident Education
Topic - Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer
Topic - Skin of Color
Skin of Color
Topic - Skin Conditions
Skin Conditions
Topic - Skin Infections
Skin Infections
Topic - Wound Care
Wound Care

Led by established experts and world-renowned leaders in the dermatology field, LiVDerm is a comprehensive education hub where medical professionals can educate, collaborate, and engage through live and virtual educational opportunities. In providing comprehensive, innovative, and integrated educational opportunities for practitioners across the globe, LiVDerm works to equip and empower healthcare practitioners to manage dermatologic conditions with confident authority.

Virtual Education
Virtual Education
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Resident Education
Resident Education
Live Events
Live Events
Multimedia & Video
Resource Guides
Resource Guides

Clinical Skin Conditions by the Numbers

9,500 people
in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer every day
One in 10 people
One in 10
will develop atopic dermatitis during their lifetime
Approximately 7.5 million
7.5 million
people in the United States are affected by psoriasis
16 million
16 million
within the U.S. suffer from rosacea
Aesthetic Demand at a Glance
80 million people
within the U.S. are affected by androgenetic alopecia, or hair loss
Up to 50 million people
within the U.S. suffer from acne
15.7 million
In 2018, the amount of minimally invasive procedures within the U.S. grew to 15.7 million

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